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HARTSELL, Ala – There’s no doubt 2020 has been full of surprises. And now we can add surprise weddings to the list. 

A couple in Hartselle tied the knot Saturday afternoon. The bride knew she was getting married, but she had no clue just how big the event was going to be.

In a last-minute flurry, loved ones scrambled to put the final touches on a backyard wedding, complete with a beautiful pond and one big surprise.

The bride, Rebecca Sain, asked a homeowner if she could use a portion of her yard for a small ceremony and photo shoot. What she got was so much more than she could ever imagine.

“All she asked for was to use a spot of our land and just wanted a picture of her momma in a chair. She thinks we might just be having light snacks, doesn’t know any of this,” explained homeowner Molly Wilholt.

Rebecca turned around not knowing what she was walking into. As she inched closer her eyes began to swell.

“You are going to make me cry,” the bride said.

There’s more to this moment than meets the eye. Someone was missing.

“When you lose your mom at 18 and then to go on and get married without her there, it’s a lot,” Rebecca said.

While the wedding was more than Rebecca asked for, all she really wanted was a seat for her late mother, front and center.

Life for Rebecca and her family has been a bit of a roller coaster. Rebecca recently returned home after carrying a baby for a family who couldn’t have one. Her brother who gave her away is also in the middle of the kidney transplant process.

Through it all, in this moment, while Rebecca couldn’t see her, her mom was there.

“I could feel it. When I walked up here, I got this overwhelming calm,” she said.

With so many things in 2020 leaving many of us breathless, the surprise nuptials was the perfect moment to take this bride’s breath away.

“Everything about it has been breathtaking. You couldn’t ask for more,” Rebecca said.

The couple says they are blessed to live in a supportive community like Hartselle.