Super Bowl Ads Push Social Media, User Interaction

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Super Bowl ads can give companies a big boost of publicity and this year you may have noticed social media getting a little extra love in many of those commercials.

The strategy may have paid off for at least a few popular brands. Marketing Land reports Twitter was mentioned in 50% of Super Bowl commercials and Facebook 8%. Google+ was shut out. For a more in-depth breakdown of those numbers, click here.

Commercials featuring hashtags included M&M, Audio and Doritos – making it easy for Twitter users to comment on their favorite ads and engage in rapid-fire discussion with others.

In an example of Super-Bowl-ad-plus-social-media-equals-success, Oreo cookies’ Instagram account got a major boost after an ad (see below) called on people to quote “choose your side on Instagram @ Oreo.” Mashable reports the Oreo spot attracted thousands of new followers.

Actually, Oreo had a “Double Stuf-fed” win last night in the social media realm. This tweet, poking fun at the surprise black out during the NFL’s biggest night, went out within minutes of the outage and rapidly went viral – winning praise from social marketing strategists and Twitter users alike.

Josh Cook‏ (@JoshCook_OFA) tweeted to the cookie maker: “I’m slow clapping you. Best tweet of the night. Social media rapid response at its finest.”
Although not every company’s efforts inspired the same interest on the web, you can bet even a few standout successes are enough to ensure we’ll see more emphasis on social strategy in the Super Bowls of the future.
For more on this trend, watch Michelle Stark‘s report on WHNT News 19 @ 6:30 p.m. Monday, Feb. 4th.