Subdivision neighbors create meaningful veterans dedication for display


LIMESTONE COUNTY, Ala. — Residents of one neighborhood wanted to honor the heroes they call family, so they turned to each other for help.

“This was just stepping back and saying, ‘Let’s look at what counts.’ And the veterans are the important thing,” Brigadoon subdivision resident Paula Gember said. “They’re what gave us our freedom so we can step back and think about that and reflect on what made this nation great.”

Gember said her father, Paul, who served for decades in the U.S. Marines, passed a legacy worth remembering – especially the week of Veterans Day.

“I’m named after him. My favorite uncle and my dad’s brother have also passed and they were veterans, so I wanted to honor them as well,” Gember said. “And that’s the same story for many of the other residents in the neighborhood.”

Gember thought of a method to not just honor her family members, but as many in the neighborhood as possible: veterans past and present. She designed banners for each veteran in residents’ families to attach to the gated community’s metal entrance fencing.

Her fellow committee members Carol Whited and Karen Belew took it upon themselves to hang up the banners.

“When we saw everything finally on the fence we thought, ‘Hh this looks great.’ it’s really an impact on everybody coming into the neighborhood,” Whited said.

Gember said it’s small task to honor timeless accomplishments of their loved ones.

“It doesn’t have to be something big that you can do,” Gember said. “You can do something as simple as putting it on your mailbox, putting it in your window, (or) putting it on your street in front of your home.”

“I just think they all need to be thanked every day,” Belew said.

Gember said she’s already planning for a much bigger display of respect in the neighborhood for memorial day next year.

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