Study: Alabama ranks 9th in highest property crime rates


A map using FBI data for property crime per 100,000 individuals in each state

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Alabama ranked 9th in highest property crime rates in the United States, according to a recent ASECURELIFE study.

FBI data shows that the property crime rate for Alabama is close to 3 percent. D.C. has the highest property crime rates with a little over 4 percent and New Mexico right below with 4 percent.

In 2017, burglaries cost Americans a total of around 3.4 billion dollars in property loss. A majority of these at home break-ins happen during the day when people are at work or out around town, according to the study

Money and vehicles are the highest-valued items stolen in most states including Alabama.

In 2017, the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency says there were more than 135 thousand property crimes throughout the state, 93 thousand of those were theft of personal property, things like money and jewelry.

On the bright side, property crime is on the decline throughout the country. This may be because of new security system technology such as video surveillance cameras.

The states with the lowest property crime rates were New Hampshire and Vermont.

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