Students, Tuscaloosa community focuses on future not past on Tuesday

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TUSCALOOSA, Ala. – The ‘Road to 18’ took an unexpected detour for the Crimson Tide Monday. They fell to Clemson in the National Championship game. But, tried and true fans say there’s no use worrying about the past.

“We still good here,” Stephanie Gray, an Alabama student, assured.

Gray, 52, refuses to let one game, the only loss this season, change how she feels about the Tide.

“I mean, we’re still good,” Gray said. “We have a good team; we have a classy group of young men.”

It’s also business as usual for Bama Express on University Boulevard. You can find everything ‘Alabama’ there, except 2019 championship shirts.

“When we buy those things at risk, we buy them with the intent that those things will be destroyed if the game does not come out in our favor,” Tracey Snider, store manager, said. “So, we will send them south of the border.”

Snider is a life long Bama fan. Like most here in T-Town, her focus is on the future.

“We’ll come back next year and be ready for another national championship and start the ‘Road to 18’ all over again,” Snider said.

Students say the possibilities ahead shine as bright as the sun in Tuscaloosa Tuesday,  so they leave that game in the past.

“It definitely didn’t start like we thought it was going to at all,” Anna Russell, a student, remembered.

“Or end the way we thought it was going to, but it’s fine,” Friend Maggie Lafrance chimed in. “They have next year. We have a bunch of people coming in that are going to be good. So, we’re not worried about this.”

Alabama fans will have a chance to welcome the Tide home from California Tuesday evening. Classes begin for the Spring semester Wednesday.

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