SHEFFIELD, Ala. (WHNT) — Students at Sheffield Junior High School (SJHS) are collecting bottled water to help people impacted by the Jackson, Miss. water crisis.

The students are a part of a leadership program called The Z Factor. It is affiliated with the nonprofit organization The Rescue Me Project.

Program facilitator Stephen Gill told News 19 that the water drive is a part of their annual service project.

“We gave them several options,” Gill said. “And once this option came across the table, we saw the massive response that we got from the students and we knew this is it.”

Jabari Hudson, a seventh-grader, told News 19 that he and many of his classmates didn’t know about the Jackson water crisis until he heard about it in The Z Factor. Since then, he said they have received a lot of support from the school.

“The students, they love helping and they’re thoughtful,” Hudson said. “They gave a lot of ideas.”

SJHS Principal Maurice Shingleton told News 19 that he’s proud of the students’ work, and he’s seen first-hand how projects like these can develop a student’s leadership skills.

“This is something that we want our students to do,” Shingleton said. “To know that they are leaders and what they do, no matter how big or how small, is going to affect the community that’s surrounding them.”

The students will be collecting bottled water until November 19. Donations can be dropped off anytime at The Rescue Me Project Mega Center or Sterling Boulevard Church of Christ.