Strokes can be treated in ambulances with unveiling of new mobile unit

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MADISON, Ala. — A new type of ambulance is hitting the market, and is proving to be a hot commodity. Emergency vehicle manufacturer Excellance has started selling a new type of unit– a mobile stroke-treatment ambulance.

This particular ambulance will be a faster alternative than waiting to transport a patient to the hospital.

“They can stop a stroke, mostly a hemorrhagic stroke, right on scene,” said Excellance salesman Thomas Pugh.

Pugh said the ambulance is equipped with everything a stroke patient might need, including a feature called ‘Telemedicine’.

“That telemedicine actually has a neurologist that can see in to the ambulance and see all the vitals that’s going on and then advise the technicians on board as to what medicine to administer and what dosage,” Pugh said.

Pugh said this unit will help in preventing some astronomical medical costs. Particularly for those who aren’t treated quickly enough and suffer from the effects of a stroke.

“If you can quell that down and remove the effects of what a stroke would’ve made on a person then you also remove the associative costs of that stroke, so effectively you’re reducing healthcare costs,” he said.

Pugh said he hasn’t had any inquiries about the mobile stroke ambulances in Huntsville yet, but hopes to be able to service the area soon.

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