Storms leave behind damage in Madison County

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MADISON COUNTY, Ala. – People living in the Brownsboro area say they had some damage as storms moved through the area overnight.

Residents living around Petty Lane, Bob McKinney Road and Dug Hill Road said they heard what they described as the sound of a train roaring through their neighborhood overnight.

“This roaring sound,” described Ellen Nicholson who lives on Bob McKinney road.

Nicholson and her husband said they woke up Thursday morning to dozens of damaged trees on their property.

“It sounded like a train was going through the neighborhood,” said Mickey Long who lives on Petty Lane.

Long said a tree fell on the roof just above the room where his granddaughter was sleeping.

“If that tree had been just a little bit taller, it could’ve been much uglier than it was,” he added.

The residents said they knew about the chance for storms but didn’t expect it to cause much damage at all.

“It had started raining really hard,” Nicholson explained. “I looked at the radar and saw that there was a line coming at us. But there weren’t any warnings or watches or anything and I thought ‘well it’s just hard rain coming.'”

Nicholson said several cedar trees on her property are nearly a century old. At least three of them uprooted completely and will have to be removed.

The damage left several neighbors questioning whether the damage was caused by rain or something else.

“Could something have show up that wasn’t caught or did it just come up and down so fast it’s one of those anomalies?” questioned Nicholson.

According to the Huntsville National Weather Service because the ground is and has been heavily saturated for a number of days, the root systems beneath older trees aren’t strong enough to hold them up in windy storms.

The Huntsville NWS has not indicated whether it plans to survey the area to assess damage.

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