Steve Johnson celebrates 40 years at WHNT News 19

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Steve Johnson is marking a big milestone at WHNT News 19; 40 years! Steve started in the sports department on May 2, 1977.

Steve worked in the sports department for 23 years. In 1999, he switched gears and became a special assignment reporter. He spent a few months anchoring weekend evenings, then started anchoring WHNT News 19 This Morning.

During his time at WHNT, Steve has interviewed sporting greats like Bear Bryant, Richard Petty and Dale Earnhardt. He covered NASA’s final Space Shuttle launch and produced a documentary on Dr. Wernher Von Braun.

When Steve started in the news business, video was shot on film that had to be brought back to the station and run through chemicals called “the soup” to develop it. The film would then have to be edited by cutting it with razor blades. Also, the CBS feed didn’t come into the station by satellite as it does now, but instead through AT&T phone lines.

This day in History

When Steve started work at WHNT News 19:

  • Gas cost $0.62/gallon
  • Bear Bryant’s salary: $45,000/year
  • Top song on the radio: The Eagles-Hotel California
  • Time Magazine Cover: Uncle Sam
  • Cost of a 5″ portable TV: $147.00
  • Cost of a new stereo system: $247.95

Personal Life

Steve graduated from Huntsville High School in 1969 and is an alum of Auburn University. He took a job in Anniston at WHMA, which was owned by the Anniston Star. Steve and his wife Sue got married in 1972; they have two sons.

We at WHNT News 19 would like to thank Steve Johnson for the time he has spent serving the Tennessee Valley in his 40 years. He offers great insight on stories and works to pass his knowledge and experience on to less experienced employees in the newsroom. We are happy to celebrate Steve and look forward to several more years with him as part of our team.



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