Walnut Grove Elementary School fifth-graders to attend Space Camp thanks to generous donation

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MADISON COUNTY, Ala. – The smallest school in Madison County got one big surprise on Friday.

A bunch of Walnut Grove Elementary School fifth-graders are going to Space Camp free of charge. That’s all thanks to a very generous donation from the Elk Lodge.

The money comes from one of its past members. He left an endowment, for fifty years,  with instructions for the Elk Lodge to select children to get a fully paid tuition for a week at Space Camp.

“Really excited because it’s like a chance that people don’t get because some people can’t afford it, so to choose our class it was really exciting,” said Gabby Cowa, Walnut Grove Elementary student.

This is the ninth year that the Elk Lodge has gifted trips to Space Camp. So far, the fund has benefited 392 students, amounting to almost $200,000.

The children will head to Space Camp in March.

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