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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – The University of Alabama in Huntsville is inspiring entrepreneurs to step into the tech world, and it’s allowing businesses to innovate new ideas.

The university is celebrating its one year anniversary since the start of the Invention to Innovation Center. I2C is helping individuals and start-ups scale their businesses, and it’s helping government funded labs commercialize their products. It’s offering mentorship, strategic support, access to funding sources and opportunities to network.

“We will be exploring the commercialization of technologies that INTUITIVE has developed that they want to take out in the marketplace. It’s a way for them to explore, to investigate, and to launch new products and commercialize new products,” said UAH Invention to Innovation Center Director Rigved Joshi.

Joshi said the center wants to champion small businesses, and create an economy that’s STEM-driven. INTUITIVE became I2C’s first corporate-innovation hub, and the center is already working with more than a dozen start-ups.

Whether you’re a student, non-student, start-up entrepreneur, or business leader, you can learn more on getting involved right now by clicking here: Invention to Innovation Center.