UAH students gear up for moon buggy competition


HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — After battling delays and cancellations brought on by COVID-19, UAH students are finally getting the chance to put their moon simulator buggies to the test. The University is holding a friendly in-school competition between two teams on Saturday.

“I’m really excited about it in general, because we’re going to come together as a school,” said UAH senior Susan Duron. “We’re going to have alumni and all of our teams race, and it’s going to be really fun, and yes, it’s a competition, but it’s more of a bonding experience and a chance to test our buggies where we couldn’t for the NASA competition.”

The students said they were originally planning to enter their buggy into NASA’s Human Exploration Rover Challenge (MERC) in March 2020, but it was canceled due to COVID-19. This year’s MERC, which brings together high schools and colleges from across the country, was all virtual.

“Moon buggy was set up to inspire future generations of engineers. This is more of an experience for us to learn and to start thinking and get more interested in space exploration and pursuing jobs with that,” said Duron.

“All those hours spent under the buggy, dirty, and in the machine shop working on stuff, you see it come to fruition. So it’s a really awesome experience for us,” said UAH senior Robert Lewallyn.

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