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MONTGOMERY, Ala. – Manufacturing workers in Alabama total more than 270,000, representing more than 13 percent of the state’s workforce. The demand for those workers is increasing.

Manufacturing jobs are becoming more and more prevalent in Alabama’s future, and robots like these were built by students in the two-year college system.

The assembly line is a process that makes everything happen. Robert Jackson is leading a group of students through what he calls his room of robotics.

“One of the things that gets people’s attention is technology and what technology has come too,” said Trenholm State instructor Robert Jackson.

That technology is taught to Jackson’s students who may be interested in joining one of Alabama’s many car manufacturing industries.

“We’ve got to have those skill sets in place where we can produce those cars.”

Global Trade has ranked Alabama as the best manufacturing state in the country. These are also considered good-paying jobs.

“They can start out anywhere from 25 to 28 dollars an hour and room for advancement,” said Ralph Burton with Manufacturing Day.

There’s a lot of talk of automation and robots taking jobs from humans, it’s an idea that Jackson rejects.

“The human being has to make sure that we don’t trap ourselves by political and fearful statements,” said Jackson

In the next few years, Alabama is set to become the top auto manufacturing state in the country.

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