SmartLab comes to Holy Spirit Regional Catholic School

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Students at one Huntsville school are taking STEM learning to the next level.

Holy Spirit Regional Catholic School has a new SmartLab. The school unveiled its new classroom Thursday afternoon during a ribbon-cutting ceremony on the new $200,000 project.

Holy Spirit’s Principal Vincent Aquila said the state of the art classroom will help students develop critical skills like problem-solving, collaboration, and project management by working on projects ranging from circuitry and robotics to alternative and renewable energy — and by working together.

About a year ago, Aquila took a business trip to a North Dakota classroom and discovered a SmartLab for the first time. He said he noticed a lot of engagement and interaction among students. That’s when Aquila got the idea for Holy Spirit to invest in their own SmartLab.

“Moving forward these kids learn how to build together,” said Aquila. “They learn how to work together in real ways. So they’re producing solutions to real problems. I’ve never seen a classroom like this.”

Students will also be able to explore their own project ideas in this new SmartLab. They’ll create portfolios to document their learning instead of taking exams.

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