Oakwood University hosts chemistry day to introduce kids to STEM

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics but for some kids, science and math are particularly intimidating.

One day a year, Oakwood University holds a chemistry night. The idea being if they try it they might like it.

Marlon Rhem is the Oakwood University Chemistry Chair and he says "The thing that we want kids to realize is, 'hey, science can be fun.'"

Kids at Oakwood University's chemistry night aren't just blowing up balloons without air or learning how to make slime they're being introduced to science.

Oakwood University lab coordinator Cheri Hodnett says "It all starts with exposure. How do you know if you love something or if you don't love something unless you are exposed to it."

For now, chemistry may just look like playtime but in the future, those skills could lead to a job.

Maybe as a forensic scientist, a doctor or a chemical engineer.

"A lot of them talk about how they actually create a desire to teach and actually helping them to become the next science teacher because they actually have a passion for science," said Hodnett.

And opportunities like these allow kids to experiment and discover if STEM is something they want to be part of.

The science fun doesn't end there.

The university is also offering up a science day in February that schools can use as a field trip.