HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) — The University of Alabama’s Space Program is gearing up to conduct a mission that will launch a drag sail from the International Space Station.

Huntsville-based NeXolve manufactures deployable booms that are used to support a range of satellite-related initiatives.

One of the leaders in advanced technology and engineering is donating these materials to UASPACE. Mike Helba, the Chief Scientist at NeXolve says it’s important to help the next group of scientists succeed.

“We want to pay it forward and help out the next generation of engineers,” Helba told News 19.

BAMA-2 will be UASPACE’s second attempt to launch their CubeSat satellite into space.

After BAMA-1 failed to complete its first mission, the group is looking to have a successful mission this time around.

Adam Kempf is the president of UASPACE and chief engineer of the BAMA-2 mission. He says this second attempt will be a chance to prove what the first mission couldn’t.

“This is a great opportunity to re-fly our mission and prove our technology and its effectiveness at the orbiting satellites in low earth orbit,” Kempf told News 19.

If launched successfully the mission could make university history.

“The University of Alabama has not flown a CubeSat yet so this will be our first successful CubeSat mission,” Kempf said.

UASPACE plans to build the satellite by May with the goal of reaching the International Space Station by early 2024.