NASA confirms success for Ingenuity’s 2nd flight


NASA went bigger with the second flight on the Mars Helicopter named Ingenuity.

Thursday morning’s flight started 4:30 a.m. central and had a goal for the aircraft to take flight for 50 seconds. Programmers told the craft to climb to approximately 16 feet (5m) and tilt to move sideways approximately 7 feet (2m).

Ingenuity came to a stop, hovered in place and make turns to point its camera in different direction. NASA says the helicopter will then head back to the center of “Wright Brothers Field” to land.

NASA expected the data and imagery from the second flight test to start coming back into their control room at approximately 8:21 a.m.

On the first flight, Ingenuity hovered 10 feet (3 meters) above the surface.

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