Huntsville Boys and Girls Club receives donation for STEM research

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – The Huntsville Boys and Girls Club received a gift on Thursday from a local business.

A-P-T Research presented a check to the Boys and Girls Club on Thursday morning for STEM research.

A-T-P is based out of Research Park. Companies like A-P-T know that giving to the kids not only benefits the Boys and Girls Club but also benefits companies in the future.

“We’ve been working with the company of A-P-T for almost a year now, with their employees at an employee giving drive, and then the corporate match to go along with it. And what this has done, we’re gonna have funding for a STEM facility in our Calvary Teen Center,” said Angela O’Neil, STEM Director for Boys and Girls Club.

“I think it’s very important that we give back to and help educate our children in the skills that we need,” said John Fellows, CEO of A-P-T Research. “To help them overcome any obstacles they might have, and be more competitive, and really it enriches our community.”

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