HudsonAlpha Tech Challenge workshops could give you a competitive edge

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - The HudsonAlpha Tech Challenge is a few weeks away and competitors are already seeking opportunities to get a leg-up above the rest of the competition. You can take advantage of them too.

HATCH up a plan to compete

Urban Engine and HudsonAlpha partnered up to offer tech workshops during CoWorking Night on Wednesdays at Huntsville West. The workshops are helping people prepare for the hackathon - happening March 6-8 (HATCH 2020.)

The workshops are helping teams or individuals brush up on their skills - coding, business strategies and even designing. For this year's Hackathon - competitors are competing for thousands of dollars.

You got what it takes to win?!

The HudsonAlpha website has four challenges teams can choose from. Plus, $5,000 in prize money is up for grabs and it only costs $10 to participate.

  • Challenge 1: Target Locked
    Make the life of a genomic data analyst a little more enjoyable by building a tool that can complete real-time searches, prioritizations, and digests of the academic literature needed to support the diagnosis of rare disease. Bring your best weapons, as this challenge requires both precision and accuracy.
  • Challenge 2: All in the Family
    You may not have known about your cousin’s early-onset Alzheimer’s, but your second cousin once removed did. Family history is only as good as the person providing it, but building the tools in this challenge will make it better by connecting family history data from seemingly unrelated individuals into super-family structures and calculating the confidence for each connection.
  • Challenge 3: Make it Pop!
    Genome analysis requires much more than staring at A, T, C and G combinations on a screen. Visualization of gene data comes in many different forms and they are displayed differently based on the type. A keen eye, solid data management, and a beautifully artistic mind will be needed to create tools to combine the visualization of many different genetic changes into one view.
  • Challenge 4: Get Moving
    Your mother wrecked snowboarding this winter and has some lasting lower back pain. Although your mom is now a YouTube star for becoming a human snowball, she wants some relief for her pain and wants to have fun while doing it. Join efforts with the CFD Research team to integrate wearable sensors into a video game that your mom will love to play and provides her the physical therapy she needs.

These challenges will force teams to explore some aspect of genetics, genomics, and data analysis.

"We really do pride ourselves in giving the community the opportunity to get engaged," said HudsonAlpha Digital Applications Lead Adam Hott. "[It's] a preview of what's going to happen on the hackathon days. They only get about 48 hours during the hackathon, so coming to the CoWorking Nights gives every participant just a little bit of an advantage to be ready as soon as they're ready to walk in the door and start working."

What it means to win on a deeper level

HudsonAlpha and Urban Engine believe the tech workshops will allow people from various backgrounds to share ideas and work together.

"Tech challenges are a great way to bridge the gap between our scientists and our research lab - who are generating a huge amount of data - and the individuals who have expertise in computer science," said Hott.

There's still time for you and your team to sign up. Click here for registration information and what the judges are looking for in order to win.

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