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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Today the Hudson Alpha Institute for Biotechnology held its annual Tie the Ribbons event where they introduced a new project.

Information is Power is a project collaboration with Kailos Genetics. They will give patients more insight into their DNA makeup to see whether or not they have a genetic mutation, which could increase their chances of a cancer diagnosis.

Patients can register to receive the Covid friendly kit online, receive the kit by mail, and send in their samples. Patients will receive their results and be able to choose a course of action with their healthcare officials.

Sara Cooper, PhD, a Hudson Alpha Faculty Investigator said, “Once you identify one individual that has for example a BRCA1 mutation, they can share that information with their family– who may also want to get tested and find out more about their risk.”

The project comes at a free and reduced cost and patients don’t need to have a history of cancer to get the genetic testing done.

Researchers at the event wanted to remind patients that although we are in a pandemic, it is still important to continue to get tested for cancer, that the earlier it is detected the more accurate they can fight the disease.