Dynetics helps you build a 3D printed Human Landing System


HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — You can now build your own Human Landing System 3D printed model, with the help of Dynetics.

Dynetics is tackling some unique challenges like helping land the first woman and next man on the moon and creating the human landing system to do that.

About the time the company was awarded the contract to create the lander design, Jeremy Voigt, the main engine project lead for the HLS, says he and another engineer were avid 3D printers. Voigt said they were so proud of the design, they wanted to create a 3D printed model of the design to put on their desk to show it off.

“We decided to make a model that we could print at home to have on our desks,” said Voigt. “And it was really interesting, as soon as we showed off the first pictures to everybody, we got flooded with emails of ‘Hey, I’d really like to print this and put it on my desk, can you print me one?’ Or ‘Can I have the files to print one?””

Now, Dynetics has created a way for you to make your own and get in on the fun!

You can build your own Dynetics Human Landing System, using the team’s step-by-step instructions.

They say it’s an activity built for all ages, and they want to see your creations. Once you have printed your HLS model, snap a photo and share it with Dynetics by tagging #DyneticsHLS.

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