CES 2021 reveals new products designed to protect against COVID-19


The Consumer Electronics Show (CES), offered the very latest in tech. It was virtual this year because of the pandemic, and many of the products revealed were designed to protect against COVID-19.

Project Hazel is just a prototype right now. But Razer, the company behind Project Hazel, calls it “the world’s smartest mask.” It’s see-through with a voice amplifier, air ventilation, and even lighting.

Another mask is on the market now. MaskFone has built-in earbuds and a microphone. It offers an N-95 filter and sells for $50.

Touchless products are also a trend, like a toilet from Kohler that flushes with the wave of a hand. CNET Editor-in-Chief Connie Guglielmo says, “touchless was a big theme, and I think it will continue to be one not just as we cope with the pandemic but into the future.”

A touchless doorbell from Alarm.com activates when visitors step on a mat.

The pandemic hit the economy hard and Samsung is now dropping the price for its latest smartphone $200 less than last year’s version. The ultra-version of the new Samsung Galaxy S21 comes with advanced cameras, delivering a better zoom on images far away and clearer closeups.

But the new phone trend could be rollable. LG gave consumers just a glimpse of a new device, the LG Rollable, with a screen that can expand or retract. CNET senior reporter Shara Tibken says, “It’s not just science fiction, though. It’s actually going to release this year. It’s rollable screen technology. You know, it’s really amazing what companies are able to do with display technology.”

TCL believes the technology could lead to devices that roll open. Right now, it’s just an idea that could unfold in the future.