Booz Allen looking for top STEM students for their summer internship competition


HUNTSVILLE, Ala – Booz Allen Hamilton employs more than 27,000 people across the globe, and they continue to search for Huntsville’s best.

The Booz Allen Summer Games pins regional offices against each other in a 10-week STEM competition that centers around solving real-world problems for military and other top-level clients.

“It’s like a 10-week interview,” said former intern and current Booz Allen employee, Blake Fernandez.

The Huntsville region will have four, 5-person teams, which is the most teams from any region. That’s because the STEM talent is among the best in the country.

“It gives you an opportunity to take all the things you’ve heard and what you’ve learned in school… from being in a city like this, you see that work actually applied to a real-world problem,” said Fernandez.

“I went to James Clemons High School, I went to the University of Alabama, I’m back here in Huntsville again. I love seeing that our company pours into elementary schools. We do engineering weeks, we have current high school interns right now,” said former intern and current Booz Allen employee, Robyn Kincade.

Past teams from Huntsville have developed military drones and highly complicated parts for combat helicopters. Other regions have developed human trafficking technology that can detect a human heartbeat in a shipping container.

Thousands of students across the U.S. will apply for the internships. Only a few hundred will actually make a team. While engineering is a major focus, not every college student needs to be specializing in that to actually apply for the project.

“The more that I’m here, the more I realize that they need people like me. They need people with all different backgrounds,” said Kincade, who majored in business.

Booz Allen says the internship is meant to open doors and allow people to change the world.

“Definitely take that leap of faith. We want innovative people, creative people and people that think out of the box,” said Kincade.

The Huntsville team won the whole competition in 2018.

Click here to apply for the internship. For more information on the internship click here. Apply as soon as you can, they are hoping to fill the teams by the end of March.

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