ATHENS, Ala. (WHNT) — Throughout their school year, students at Athens Renaissance School have worked to create robots that participate in competitions both inside and outside the school.

Students got an opportunity to present some of their creations to parents and community members.

With Athens Renaissance being the only school in Alabama to offer the full progressions of a robotics program, 14 different teams from grades K-12 make up the group of creators.

Canon Jackson is on the high school team. The junior said he sees a future in engineering and robotics at Athens Renaissance has offered him a head start.

“It has pushed me to go take classes for engineering. Like, I’ve learned about the principles. I’ve learned about how to work as a team,” Jackson said.

Taylor Whisenant, the school’s robotics coordinator says the program offers students a range of learning opportunities.

“They’re learning how to do fundraising, how to request sponsorships. They’re learning leadership skills, just all kinds of stuff under the surface you wouldn’t realize they were learning,” Whisenant told News 19.

Although their competitions may not have gone as planned, students have called their school year in robotics a success.

“We did accomplish all the goals that we set out to accomplish so really that’s the best part is that we set out our own goals and we accomplished them,” Jackson said.

The school says it grew from 8 to 14 robotic teams this year something they’re hoping to build upon going into next school year.