State Senator Disagrees with President on Gun Policy

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State Senator Clay Scofield says he feels it’s not right for the President to try and capitalize on the tragedy last week in Connecticut.

“I think it’s wrong for the President and for anti-second amendment groups to use this terrible, senseless tragedy in Connecticut for political means concerning this issue,” Scofield tells WHNT News 19.

Wednesday President Obama called for a new push to look into banning certain types of assault weapons.   However, Scofield says what many Democrats in Washington consider an assault weapon is not what the average citizens would consider an assault weapon.

“Some definitions that I’ve heard is that the weapon may contain a clip that holds more than ten rounds,” Scofield says. “That’s most pistols that our citizens use for home protection.”

Scofield says it’s much more difficult to get a weapon today than it has been in the past, yet these mass shootings seem to be increasing.  He feels there needs to be more focus on why it’s happening as opposed to how it’s happening.

“I think the national media is spurring this on because they make these folks household names,” he says.

Scofield also says there needs to be more focus on school safety rather than on restricting people’s constitutional rights.

Scofield represents Marshall County and parts of Madison and Blount counties.

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