State representatives question former special counsel Robert Mueller

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The world watched today as special counsel Robert Mueller took on questions on Capitol Hill. Lawmakers pressed him about his findings in his investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election.

Mueller had two tense hearings, one with the House Judiciary Committee, and one with the House Intelligence Committee. While he replied to hundreds of questions, he didn’t often give specific answers, including those asked by our state representatives.

Two Alabama representatives were part of the panel that questioned special counsel Robert Mueller Wednesday, Democratic Representative Terri Sewell and Republican Representative Martha Roby.

Democratic congresswoman Terri Sewell focused most of her time and questions on the June 2016 Trump Tower meeting between President Trump’s oldest son, Donald Trump Jr., son-in-law Jared Kushner, former campaign chair Paul Manafort, and Russian nationals.

Sewell- “This email exchange is evidence of an offer of illegal assistance, is it not?”

Mueller- “I cannot adopt that characterization.”

Sewell- “Isn’t it against the law for a presidential campaign to accept anything of value from a foreign government?”

Mueller- “Generally speaking, yes, but generally, the cases are unique.”

Republican congresswoman Martha Roby focused most of her time on the actual writing of the report and other circumstances surrounding the decisions to release the report.

Mueller- “I’m not going to engage in discussion about what happened after the production of our report.”

Roby- “Had the attorney general asked you to provide a redacted version of the report?”

Mueller- “We worked on redacted versions together.”

Roby- “Did he ask you for a version where the grand jury material was separated?

Mueller- “I’m not going to get into details.”

Congressman Robert Aderholt, who was not part of the panel that questioned Mueller today, also submitted a statement regarding the hearing saying:

“The Robert Mueller hearing today was more theatrics than substance. The Democrats actually held a dress rehearsal yesterday.  So, while our nation has many pressing issues like the crisis on the border, approving a new trade deal with Mexico and Canada and continued aggression from Iran, many of my Democrat colleagues seem to only want to rehash an issue that was settled more than 100 days ago.   It’s time to move on to address the real issues facing our country.”

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