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MOBILE, Ala. – The State of Alabama has become the first state in the nation to partner with ShareSafe Response Network, a mobile app focused on connecting government officials with public health leaders.

The program, which will specifically focus on the state’s COVID-19 public health response, is a “secure mobile app-based platform is now available free of charge to all healthcare organizations and professionals across the state to rapidly share information that can impact the healthcare of Alabama citizens.”

According to a statement from ShareSafe Solutions, the app is available free of charge to all health organizations and professionals across Alabama.

ShareSafe Response Network was developed in Mobile and co-lead by Dr. Peter Pronovost, a former advisor to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and the World Health Organization.

“As the healthcare community gains more experience in preventing and treating COVID-19, evidence-based protocols are continuing to evolve…it’s critical to get the latest information into the hands of those on the frontlines,” Pronovost said. “I commend Governor Ivey and the State of Alabama for being the first take this innovative step in tying together its healthcare organization within a single network.”

“I can see this mobile infrastructure providing a backbone for deploying future initiatives beyond COVID-19 that will result in improving the quality of care for the citizens of Alabama,” Pronovost concluded.