State health officials urge Alabamians to listen to their doctors


(WHNT) – Alabama continues to rank last or almost last in the nation when it comes to the percentage of residents who are vaccinated against COVID-19. About one-third of the state is fully vaccinated.

As the delta variant becomes more prominent and is spreading quickly, state health officials are advising Alabamians to roll up their sleeves to get vaccinated.

As numbers continue to rise in positive cases, Dr. Karen Landers with the Alabama Department of Public Health said, the uptick in cases is primarily among unvaccinated Alabamians. Landers added that a recommendation to get the COVID-19 vaccine from your primary care physician isn’t something uncommon.

“It’s very important that people also hear this message from their own primary care provider. Because again that provider is certainly the person that is most invested in the health care and well being of that patient,” Landers told News 19.

With hesitancy surrounding the vaccine, many are still wary on whether or not they should roll up their sleeves.

But, Landers says it’s important that we listen to trusted people, in the medical field, who have studied the vaccines and it’s effectiveness, rather than our peers.

“We should be getting our medical advice from persons who work in this field and I think a lot of the hesitancy has regrettably been driven by information that is incorrect on social media,” Landers said.

Recommending a vaccine is nothing new, Landers said.

She also said to think of it like when you take your child to the doctor, they recommend preventative vaccines and vaccine recommendations, if eligible, is standard practice as a physician.

“To keep your patients as healthy as you possibly can and recommending a COVID vaccine is another part of that. All of us want our patients to stay well,” Landers said.

Of course, Landers said getting the vaccine is a personal choice, but she strongly urges all those who are eligible in Alabama to get the vaccine.

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