State-approved teacher pay raises arrived for some in September, but not Huntsville City Schools

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Alabama legislators in May paved the way for Alabama’s public school teachers to get a 4 percent pay raise in fiscal year 2020.

The new fiscal year started Oct. 1 and some area teachers have already started getting the raises, but some didn’t.

The Huntsville Education Association’s Adam Keller represents teachers’ interests on issues like pay and workplace conditions.

He applauded the Legislature’s 4 percent teacher pay raise.

“Of course many of our teachers had hoped that pay raise would be implemented with the September paycheck,” he said. “It has been in the past with Huntsville City, and it certainly happened with many other nearby districts.”

But not this September in Huntsville.

Huntsville City Schools spokesman Keith Ward told WHNT News 19 Thursday, “The pay raise went into effect on October 1 at the start of the new fiscal year.  HCS pays its employees on the last working day at the end of each month.  The 4 percent raise affects the wages earned in October.  As such, the paycheck for employees at the end of October will include the 4 percent.”

Other local systems took a different approach. Both the Madison City Schools and Madison County Schools confirmed the raises are included in their teacher’s September paychecks.

The HEA’s Keller said last year’s 2.5 percent raise by the Alabama Legislature was included in last September’s teacher pay.

There appeared to have been some notice of the apparent change this year.

“It was briefly discussed during the budget hearing,” Keller said. “But many of our members were caught off-guard.”

Ward also told WHNT News 19, “State pay raises run on a fiscal year, so that has been standard practice.”

The Huntsville City Schools have been dealing with a budget reserve shortfall, but last month came word they were close to meeting the needed $18 million monthly reserve, as long as they stayed on budget.

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