(WHNT) — It’s only been a few weeks since Starbucks debuted its website that lets you order based on your zodiac sign, but the coffee giant isn’t slowing its roll there.

The Blue Raspberry Cloud Frappuccino is what dreams are made of – spring dreams! With blue raspberry candy flavor topped with whipped cream and dusted with crunchy blue sugar sprinkles, there’s more than one reason the internet is aflame with questions.

One caveat to the creamy and dreamy drink: it’s only available in the United Kingdom (at least for now), and only until April 16.

The fresh and fruity drink offers not just a hint of summer, but a burst of rumors – that’s right, the Swifties (Taylor Swift’s fandom name) are swirling with theories of how the mega-star and the frappe are connected.

From the blue shades of the drink resembling The Eras Tour, to gossip of Starbucks using lyrics from Swift’s new song, Cruel Summer in a promotional campaign, fans wonder if the chain itself is a Swiftie.