Star Wars: Episode VII will make Madison County teen’s 16th birthday memorable


A Darth Vader cake is perfect for a Star Wars fan.

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RYLAND, Ala. – A life-sized Stormtrooper balloon is the first thing a teen celebrating his 16th birthday will see when he walks into his party.

Around 8p.m. Thursday night, friends and family were busy putting the finishing touches on Star Wars-themed party favors for Brennan Schacht’s birthday.  The teen was expected to arrive any minute at DJ’s Pizza on Ryland Pike.

Brennan and his buddies would be treated to a pizza party and that would be followed by a late-night showing of “Star Wars: Episode VII.”

Family members say the Buckhorn High student is a big fan of the Star Wars’ movie series.

Happy Birthday Brennan! May the Force Be With You!

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