Specialist: Most mid-sized hospitals, including Huntsville Hospital, could deal with an Ebola case

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – A major deadly disease outbreak can come with all kinds of horrifying symptoms.

One at the top of that list? Fear.

It’s easy enough to see why, with extreme precautions taken just for transport in the U.S.

But actually, it’s not as extreme as it looks.

Infectious Disease Specialist Dr. Ali Hassoun lists out the safety steps needed, “You’re going to need gloves. You wear certain attire to cover your clothes. Also with some of the viruses and some other types, you need to wear a mask and also eye protection.”

They work to implement these precautions in the affected African areas.

But back here, Hassoun notes, “You can actually find these easily in the hospitals. These are common infection control practices that each hospital should have and would be able to use.”

In fact, in a place like Huntsville Hospital, they’ve taken precautions like these before.

Dr Hassoun rembers, “It’s like, for example, when we had the SARS virus outbreak, which was almost now seven years ago or a little bit more, we used to wear the same precautions.”

Obviously, Ebola carries real risk, but even if it started to spread here, hospitals would have the know-how and equipment to keep it from becoming an outbreak.

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