Sparkman High junior brings his new diabetic alert dog to school

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 MADISON COUNTY, Ala. – There's a dog roaming the halls of Sparkman High School. He's the constant companion of junior Dylan Lancaster.

Lancaster was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at the age of 5.

Although he's a junior, being the new kid at school can be nerve wracking, especially for a dog.

"I feel like everyone is when they first get introduced to a new school, especially one like Sparkman, where there's thousands of kids and smells and noises and new friends to make," said Lancaster.

But Lancaster is showing his service dog, Captain Theo, the ropes.

"He is insane and a tornado and once again, just smart as a whip," he said.

So naturally, he fits right in at school. But Theo has an important job: to help keep Lancaster healthy and alive.

"He is my diabetic alert dog. He can actually smell when my blood sugars start to go in the high or low direction before it starts to get to dangerous levels," said Lancaster.

Lancaster is the first and only student in the Madison County School system with a service dog.

As soon as Theo senses a shift in Lancaster's blood sugar levels, he alerts him.

"The alert is just a silent paw, or if he really thinks i'm not listening then they'll jump up, and eventually it leads to barking," he said.

"It brings a little sense of peace, a sense of opportunity for rest, typically we're up throughout the night, now I've actually slept well the last two weeks," said John Lancaster.

Dylan Lancaster created his own non-profit called 'Dylan Dogs for Diabetes'.  He helps raise money for other diabetics to be paired with diabetic alert dogs.   

For more details on fundraising and upcoming events, click here.

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