Sparkman High and 9th Grade move to remote learning


MADISON COUNTY, Ala. — Sparkman High School and Sparkman 9th Grade School will transition temporarily to remote learning beginning Thursday.

Madison County Schools said the schools will move to remote learning Nov. 19-23 due to COVID-19. Nov. 23 was already a virtual learning day for all students, according to the district.

Students will move back to the classroom on Nov. 30, after Thanksgiving break.

The transition to virtual learning is happening at schools across North Alabama, leaving some parents to figure out how to work and watch their kids.

“As a parent in virtual school it’s been it’s been kind of difficult and trying to battle and juggling work to juggle teaching to juggle all the stuff,” says Michael Shrum.

Sparkman Middle School is sent students home on November 16. Michael Shrum has a daughter in sixth grade at Sparkman Middle. He says the transition didn’t come as a surprise.

“I figured it was coming, you know with the spike of cases coming up and the way Madison county has kind of fluctuated and you see the trend chart it’s expected,” says Shrum.

Shrum says he is still working from home, which he counts as a blessing. But he realizes that’s not the case for many other parents.

“Those that haven’t been able to work from home they’re still out making a living and ensuring that they have a roof over their head and I applaud them and I wish I could be in their shoes and take some that stress away from them but unfortunately I can’t but hopefully the end is coming soon,” says Shrum.

Shrum believes Madison county schools has handled the ever-changing environment to the best of their ability.

“You know everything at the school is done and I’ll talk to teachers are disinfecting everything, talking to my daughter… they’re doing all the precautions necessary at school and I think this is just an additional precautions to make sure that through the holiday season and through thanksgiving and all the stuff that more students don’t get sick,” says Shrum.

Shrum says this time isn’t easy on anyone, but he wants to encourage parents to stay strong for their kids and continue adapting.

“Let them know that had this isn’t the way life is going to be from here on out messages at a speed bump in the road,” says Shrum.

Meals for students from both schools will be available for pickup at Sparkman High School each day from 11-11:30 a.m.

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