SpaceX Rocket Launch Aborted

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Space history will have to wait a little bit longer.

This morning, SpaceX attempted to launch the first commercial space flight to go to the International Space Station, but had to abort the launch just seconds before take-off.  

Computer systems in SpaceX’s first Falcon 9 rocket detected something that just wasn’t right, immediately before the rocket’s launch. It’s unclear at this time what the issue was.

The rocket is referred to as “The Dragon Capsule,” and it could mark a turning point for the United State’s relationship with space. The vehicle has been launched before, but it only orbited the earth the last time it was launched.

This time, however, it will head straight for the International Space Station. If everything goes according to plan, the ISS will use a robotic arm to reach out and grab the spacecraft.

The next launch opportunity will come early Tuesday morning. Information remains limited on the failure that prevented the launch this morning, so it’s uncertain if the rocket will be ready by that time.

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