South Koreas public television network films documentary in James Clemens High School

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MADISON, Ala. -- The public television network for Korea, Educational Broadcasting System (EBS) filmed for two days at James Clemens High School as one part of a ten part educational documentary.

The idea of the film is to study different teaching methodologies and standards. "We are looking for what could be the ideal, perfect school so that's why we stopped here," says Felix Kwon, a Korea EBS reporter.

James Clemens psychology teacher Blake Harvard is the focus of one part of the documentary. "You think there are millions of teachers out there and that they wanted to come to my classroom is pretty neat," says Harvard.

Harvard's style of instruction is based on psychological studies and theories to help increase students' long term memories. "I make instruction simple, not necessarily easy but I make it simple," says Harvard. "I try to relate things to them and their lives in an attempt to make things stick more so that they remember it."

Kwon says Harvard is trying to "boost" the students' memory.

Within the 10 episode documentary, Korea EBS is visiting five different countries, including Finland and New Zealand, in addition to JCHS in Madison, Alabama. These are all places that Kwon says have put a new standard of teaching into the classroom: "We can apply some new science into 21st-century kids."

JCHS principal Brian Clayton says one of the best parts of the EBS visit is connecting with another culture. "It's always important to know and understand other cultures," says Clayton. "I think it's very important to know that other cultures value education like we do here in Madison."

The documentary is expected to air in Korea in early 2020. Korea EBS plans to post the documentary to its website and will be contacting JCHS when it's available to watch online.

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