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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – The Hollywood 18 movie theater on South Memorial Parkway is surrounded by chain-link fences and heavy machinery for an upcoming demolition.

It’s a sight that makes some who grew up visiting the theater mournful.

“I saw it online and its really sad because Hollywood 18 was like a staple of Huntsville. People that grew up in Huntsville, they know what you’re talking about when you say Hollywood 18,” says Justin Allison.

Justin Allison has fond memories of the theater and says he’s sad to see it go.

“Being a small child in the 90s and walking into that grand lobby… and they had all of these arcade games and neon lights it was like an experience,” says Allison.

Now, the theater shows a very different scene with closed doors and “I miss my Hollywood 18 family” on the marquee.

“It’s sad you see more and more theaters closing down but I think that after the pandemic is over there’s going to be this want to go out and socialize and go see a film,” says Allison.

Public records show the theater was sold by Realty Income Corporation to the local company ANA Hollywood, LLC in October of 2020 for $3.5 million dollars.

Documents show the ANA Hollywood, LLC agent is a Madison physician and the organizer is a Huntsville attorney.

It’s still unclear what will be built here in the future, but Allison hopes it will also be a place where memories are made.

“I’m hoping that something will go in its place that people can create new memories whatever that may be,” says Allison.

Graham Construction confirms that they will start demolition in the near future.