South Carolina police arrest church burglar…dressed as Batman

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Batman is usually on the crime-fighting side of things, but officers in South Carolina were hunting for a church burglary suspect dressed as The Dark Knight.

A church in Spartanburg County watched surveillance video to find that someone broke in last Friday and stole hundreds of dollars in computers, audio equipment, and other electronics.

The burglar came in wearing shorts and a t-shirt, but there was a wardrobe change after he entered a youth pastor’s office.

Rev. Asheton Amerson from Church at the Mill said it was a big surprise.

“The really big surprise comes when we see him walk out and he’s got a full on Batman costume. I mean, like, he had to take his shoes off, put one foot in and another foot in, put it on, put the cape on, put the face mask on, and he comes out.”

Police arrested a suspect earlier this week. Dalton Lazurick is charged with second-degree burglary and grand larceny.

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