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MADISON COUNTY, Ala. – There appears to be another GOP candidate ready to run for the Fifth Congressional seat for north Alabama.

It’s Casey Wardynski, who used to be superintendent of Huntsville City Schools.

Wednesday night, News 19 was made aware of a website called, an apparent campaign site for Wardynksi.

The site also links to a YouTube video that appears to be a campaign ad. In the video, he touted former president Donald Trump appointing Wardynski as Assistant Secretary of the Army.

As of Wednesday night, Wardynski has not made the candidacy official. The Federal Election Commission does not have filings for his candidacy.

Calling himself ‘Trump’s Conservative Warrior,’ Wardynski’s video also outlined some priorities,

“I’m running for Congress to finish the work President Trump began: to defend the unborn, protect the Second Amendment, finish the darn wall, and end the cancel culture,” he says in the video.

Wardynski goes on to say, “I fought the swamp when they tried to defeat President Trump. I’ll fight them again to protect North Alabama. In the Army, we run to the fight, not away from it, and that’s exactly what I’ll do in Congress.”

Neither the website, nor the video explicitly mentions the Fifth Congressional district, but our sources say he will make the announcement Thursday on local radio. The video does, however, include mention of north Alabama, and a voiceover ends the political video saying, “Casey Wardynski, A Fearless Conservative for North Alabama.”

The Fifth Congressional seat is soon to be vacated by Congressman Mo Brooks, who is running for longtime U.S. Senator Richard Shelby’s seat after Sen. Shelby announced he would not be seeking reelection.

Wardynski’s apparent competition include Madison County Commission Chairman Dale Strong and Huntsville City Schools teacher Andy Blalock.

Wardynski resigned from Huntsville City Schools in September of 2016 after serving the school district since 2011. Wardynski is a Retired Army Colonel, having served for thirty years, including at Redstone Arsenal.