SOS Cuba demonstration in Big Spring Park planned for Wednesday


HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Many Cuban-Americans continue to protest in solidarity with the island nation whose people are speaking out against the government and asking for basic human rights and freedom.

The Cuban-American community is having a peaceful protest at Big Spring Park on Wednesday at 6 p.m. where there will be speakers who emigrated from Cuba for a better life, pastors leading prayer, and a chance for those who are unsure of what is happening in the country to learn from their peers.

Yaimara Lozano Sanchez, a Cuban emigrant who has family in Cuba, says the demonstration is for Cubans who are living in fear and begging for freedom from the grasps of a communist regime.

“Tomorrow’s event is to show support and show people that not everything is like they see online,” said Sanchez. “That the information that they’re being fed is being manipulated and we just want to show them what the real Cuba is and what is actually going on in there.”

Much of what is going on in Cuba is unclear since the country has control of what information is shared.

Sanchez says the videos and photos coming out from the country are heartbreaking. She added this is an opportunity for other Latinos and the people of North Alabama to come together and learn about what the Cuban people have gone through for over 60 years under the regime.

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