Solid Waste Disposal Authority wants proper hazmat disposal to become common knowledge

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HARVEST, Ala. – Madison County residents were busy driving up and dropping off hazardous items to be properly disposed of Wednesday afternoon.

The Solid Waste Disposal Authority says there’s a wide variety of things that qualify as hazardous material.

Think about the kitchen and bathroom cleaners we use on a daily basis. When we’re done with them or we buy new ones, we just usually throw the old ones in the trash. The Solid Waste Disposal Authority says we shouldn’t do that; instead we should store them for later and then hand things over to them.

One of the most common items to be dropped off at these hazardous waste events are actually old computers and lithium batteries.

“Basically anything you’ve got around your house that more than likely you thought maybe you probably shouldn’t dump it down the drain or throw it in the trash can, it comes here,” explained Chelsea Hughes, Landfill Analyst with the Solid Waste Disposal Authority.

And for good reason. Those items are separated into different barrels and containers based on their properties.

“A lot of times the big problem is that its highly concentrated chemicals,” explained Hughes. “A lot of these cleaners and automotive solvents, they’ve got a lot of toxic properties.”

All potentially harmful agents that should not dumped into the environment.

“It can leak out into the ground water, it can contaminate the soil in a nearby area, it affects wildlife, it could affect human health in large quantities,” said Hughes.

Solid waste workers are hoping it becomes common knowledge to properly dispose of the things you normally throw out, the right way for the sake of the environment.

On the first Saturday of each month the authority accepts hazardous waste at the landfill. The authority is also planning to open a facility for household hazardous waste that will be open 5 days a week.

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