Soldier surprises children at their schools after 11 months overseas

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MORGAN COUNTY, Ala. –  A soldier returned home after nearly a year of not seeing his family. So he did what any father would do and gave his son a surprise he’ll never forget in front of the entire school on Friday.

As Ricky Weissend walked into his son’s classroom, Case noticed his dad rushed over to him and said, “Daddy, Daddy, Daddy.”

“I missed you, buddy,” said Ricky as he hugged his son for the first time in 11 months.

Case had no idea his dad would return home after serving time in Iraq and Syria. So Priceville Elementary School kept quiet about dad’s entrance and tricked his son into believing WHNT News 19 was interviewing him about something else.

Case’s third-grade teacher said, “Did you suspect anything?” Case shook his head.

“I just missed everything about you,” said Ricky to Case.

The school allowed Case to pack his bags early in order to spend a short while with his dad for the weekend. When they walked out of the class, the hallways roared with every student cheering on Case and his dad’s return home.

“I was not expecting all of this to be at school today,” said Ricky. Case was too shy to say anything, but his grin spoke for itself.

Father and son got to walk out the main school doors knowing it’s not Case saying goodbye this time.

The surprises didn’t end there.

Ricky was able to surprise his daughter at her football homecoming game at Brewer High School later on Friday evening.

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