Slip Stone Fry Pan a Deal

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I’m a sucker for a frying pan that claims to be so non-stick you never have to use oil, butter, or grease.

Why anyone would want to cook without butter is beyond me, but that is probably not germane to this discussion.

The test for this week is the Slip Stone Fry Pan.

It’s a 10-inch fry pan that claims to have a great non-stick surface.

One quirky part of the Slip Stone has to do with the handle. It has a “space saving” folding handle. You push a button on the handle and it folks back to the pan.   The folding handle, while it did feel less than sturdy, would make it easier to store.

We fried an egg and cooked sausage in the Slip Stone.   We, like the directions said, used no oil, butter, or grease.

We were able to slide the sausage and egg around the pan like a hockey puck. The food did not stick at hall.

We like the Slip Stone. We make it a Deal. But you cannot put it in the dishwasher and the directions say to not use high heat while cooking. You should, according to the directions, use only low or medium heat.

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