Slick streets expected from week-long rain

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MADISON CO., Ala.- "When it first beings to rain, the roads become slick," said Willard Scissum, of Scissum Driving Academy.

Driving this week may feel like a game of Mario Kart - slick roads, quick stops and the occasional river on the roadway. But those most at risk are your kids. “When I first start teaching them, they can't control the car," said Scissum. "Most kids don't understand that when they're driving when it's raining, they're driving too fast."

Local driving instructor Willard Scissum says teens aren't experienced enough to know just how to react in a moment’s notice. But, even adults with years of experience aren't exempt from danger." The problem we have when it's raining is we start too fast and stop too fast and the car goes into a skid," said Scissum. And when water floods the streets, he says speed is your worst enemy. "It can cause hydroplaning if you're not careful."

But how much should you slow down while it's raining? Scissum suggests if you're in a 50 mph zone, to reduce your speed to 40 mph. "It's very important that you be patient, take your time to your destination and try to arrive there safely," he said.

He says you should plan to leave a few minutes early, put extra space between your car and the one in front of you, and also make sure you have your lights on.

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