Marshall County Sheriff’s Office searching for card skimmers

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MARSHALL COUNTY, Ala. – Investigators with the Marshall County Sheriff’s Office are asking the public for help in finding skimmers that have been placed on gas station and ATM card readers and identifying the men who put them there.

Investigator Roger Sparks said these men are in Alabama, and explained the skimmers are built to copy the cards that go into them.

“The people who are stealing these cards are here locally,” said Sparks. “They have cloned credit card with that information, and they are going around to various ATM’s, stealing money with those credit cards they get,” said Sparks.

However, he added you can find these skimmers and if you know how to look for them.

“Really inspect that machine before you put your card in there,” Sparks continued. “Reach up, grab that reader and make sure that it’s not loose, make sure that you can’t pull it off, and that there’s no gaps around it.”

If you find one, Sparks said to contact your local sheriff’s department.

More importantly, if you see the men who put the scammers there or their vehicles, authorities said to report them to the sheriff’s department immediately.

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