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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Driving along the Parkway, you may have noticed lots of work already starting on a new facility that will replace Joe Davis Stadium. Construction hasn’t technically started just yet, but the Department of Public Works has begun some of the site work around the stadium to prepare the site.

While that happens, architects are finishing up the final details design of the building component of the stadium.

“In the next 45 days or so we would expect to bid a contractor to start the construction, said Huntsville City Administrator John Hamilton.

Hamilton said they expect the complete renovation of the stadium facility to take about 12 months.

The city anticipates multiple uses for the facility, but the primary use will be for high school football.

“We’re doing this in partnership with our school system to give them a second high school football stadium to use,” said Hamilton.

If completed on time, Hamilton says there is the possibility of a game at the new facility in 2022.

The sports commission also plans on promoting the facility for other kinds of events that can be held there, including professional sports.

“We are in discussion with a group to potentially bring professional soccer,” Hamilton said. Minor league soccer could potentially be played there by the 2023 season.

The completion of the facility is set for October or November of 2022.