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MORGAN COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) – It was a rough start to Memorial Day weekend travel plans for thousands of motorists stuck for hours in bumper to bumper traffic on I-65 due to a sinkhole that developed Friday afternoon.

Traffic was backed up on I-65 southbound from Hartselle to Priceville with some drivers reporting delays of almost an hour and a half.

The sinkhole formed  just south Exit 328 on the inside southbound lane of I-65.  Traffic is currently at a complete standstill for miles.  In a Skype interview, Matt Kroschel reports traffic is backed up to the Decatur exit on I-65.  Alabama Department of Transportation crews continue to repair the sinkhole damage.

Crews say a motorist reported hitting a “pothole” causing some damage to her car Friday afternoon, but by the time crews got to the area they discovered the sinkhole. Once workers cleared the pavement they discovered the hole was about eight feet deep. It’s not clear what caused the sinkhole but crews filled it with large rocks and new pavement.

Alabama State Troopers say the expect the road to be back open fully soon. Check HERE for current road updates from ALDOT.