HUNTSVILLE, AL. (WHNT) — A local amendment in Morgan County local amendment is asking voters to either approve or deny the distribution of the county’s share of the proceeds of the simplified sellers use tax.

That is an 8% sales tax on online sales that the state collects. The money is then allocated to the county commission.

If approved, instead of the Morgan County Commission receiving 100% of the funds. It would only get 5%.

85% would go to the county’s three public school systems, 1.5% to volunteer fire departments, and nearly 14% to the Morgan County School system.

“This is a way to make this permanent because this is a constitutional amendment and it will not be changed and this will guarantee funds for the students in Morgan County Schools,” said Dee Dee Jones, the retired superintendent of the school system.

District leaders say much of that funding will go toward school resource officers.

“Having this funding has enabled us to add SROs to all our campuses and with that naturally we have safer schools and safer buildings but it also enabled us to add technology into the classroom that we may not have had because of limited funding,” Jones continued.

Some shops in downtown Decatur say they love it encouraging residents to shop locally.

“Since we went to school here, we have a ton of teachers that shop here,” said Karrington Kelly, the owner of The Sally Owl Boutique. “We do co-op and we have a bunch of students that are actually going to school here, so the fact that it’s going back to them and the kids is very good.”

The amendment will divide online sales taxes similarly to brick-and-mortar sales taxes.