Shriners Unite To Celebrate

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – As they remember their struggle, they celebrate what they’ve accompliments. The Prince of Halls in Huntsville, are African-American Shriners, who have a goal of making sure their community
move forward.

Back in 1929, African-American Shiners weren’t allowed to be called “Shriners.”

A super court ruling changed that, and now African-American Shriners celebrate the accomplishment every year on the first Sunday in June.

Michael Horry is the Deputy Oasis of the organization. “The goal of the Shriners is to help children as they mature through life,” said Horry.

The organization does this every year through a number of events.

A few of those events include awarding local scholarships, multiple parties during the year and a mentor program.

“We look for support from the community to help us the things that we do. We love helping children of all races. We’re not catered to any particular race, ” said Horry.

It’s a group effort that needs support from the community.

“So we have several fundraisers throughout the year that we ask the community to support us so that we can continue to do that things that we do,” Horry.