Shopping Online For The Season? Keep These Tips In Mind

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The numbers are in. Cyber Monday 2013 broke records but the shopping online is far from over.

If you’re planning to shop on the web or through a mobile device for gifts this year, make sure to protect your personal information with these easy tips:

First, don’t take your laptop or tablet into a public place to scroll through deals online. Only use secure Wi-Fi networks that you trust. Scammers can set up fake networks at airports and cafes, designed to lure you in and give them access to your email or bank accounts.

Second, tighten up your privacy settings on social media. When your interests are widely available for all to see, you’re inviting cyber tricksters to send you fake “special offers” through social media on items you might like. The goal here is to trick you into giving up your personal information.

Lastly, be skeptical of unsolicited offers. If someone calls or texts pretending to be from a local business in your town – do a little homework. Call the business directly on your own and make sure any deals are legitimate.

For more scam prevention tips this holiday shopping season, contact the North Alabama Better Business Bureau.

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